Har, it’s the time of year when every good nerd writes up his favorite records of the year so everyone can marvel and go “ooh, good taste” or whatever.  Now, I’ve yet to hear every single record that came out this year, so I am not going to say that my choices are THE BEST.

This is probably the first year that I really tried not to let buzz affect the way I listen to music.  I failed miserably at times (Sound Team, wtf?  Why did I ever say I liked that record?   I only listened to it like once…), but I did a decent job, I think.  I suppose my New Year’s Resolution will be to continue being, you know, myself, and liking things that I actually, you know, like.

That said, I am happy to say that I only like four of Pitchfork’s Top 50 Records of the Year this year (Decemberists’ Crane Wife, Danielson’s Ships, Band of Horses’ Everything All the Time, Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House) and there’s only one other one on there that I really wanna hear and haven’t gotten around to yet (Hold Steady’s Boys and Girls in America).  My first two years of college, it was a minor major achievement to have called myself a believer in the Pfork Top 50’s infallibility.  I’m glad that I now consider it far more of an achievement to not really care what they have to say about music and actually like things on my own.

So I don’t have my top however many list yet, but I will soon.