Haven’t written in a while, etc.

I’m damn good at talking. I really am. I can talk and spout my issues all day long. The LORD made me a good arguer, He did, and it’s a muscle that I enjoy flexing. Mostly, I just like to talk.

It’s much harder for me to actually do anything.

I am embarassed to admit that I just took the time to find out what exactly was going on in Darfur. And I don’t know what’s more despicable:
what’s going on over there
my weird sense of self-righteousness for finally finding out about it
the lack of conversation about it
the fact that most people who know about it seem to be pretty apathetic about it

Now, I’ll freely admit that I should have looked this up earlier. I heard the word “genocide” and chose to ignore it, and that’s my fault. But I know good and well that I am not exactly getting in on the ground floor here. So what are all of the people who know about Darfur doing? I’m genuinely curious here. What is our government doing? What can our government legally do? What is the UN doing? What are our churches doing? Because I’ve yet to hear of anyone (ANYONE) talk about Darfur, save, of course, for the good ole folks at MySpace. And Bono. And it seems to me that talking is the least that we can do.

Am I reacting brashly? Maybe. Wait, no, no I’m not. It’s not brash to assume that people should, you know, care about the fact that people are being murdered *just because* in our lifetime.

But besides that, what are we doing? What is a 22-year old college student supposed to do? Just send money? Because it’s a little bit too easy to send money. See, I PayPal $20 to someone and my mind has been eased. I’ve done my part, right? No. Bullshit. There’s more to caring about people than signing a check over to some organization, I know there is.

And you see, this is where my mouth gets me in trouble. It’s one am, and I have an exam tomorrow. Hell, I have two more and a paper due this week. And I could satiate myself (note: myself) by shooting out a quick blog entry to show that, hey, I care about the people of Darfur. But that’s not right. That’s not right on a) basic human levels and b) on Christian levels. In my “About Me” section, I mention that I struggle with loving people that way that Jesus did. Jesus wouldn’t just write in His holy blog (the thought of Him having one is horrifying, though, I dunno, maybe He would) and send in His 10% or whatever. Jesus loved people with an actual love, with an active love. He didn’t love to fulfill His own — ahem — sense of obligation.  He acted because He loved and He loved because He allowed Himself to. And I think that that’s the problem, at least in my case. When I give, I give out of love. But not love for God or love for others. Love for myself. Because now — to quote Melville — I’ve laid up a sweet morsel for myself. I’ve done my duty as a good, God-fearing Christian man.

No, to be Christ-like — or, if you’re not a believer, to actually love people in the truest and probably only honest sense — requires action. It requires a love that is more than skin deep.

So tell me what to do. Tell me who to talk to, how to say it, where to put up posters, whatever. Because while sending in your money is grand — and don’t even consider stopping payment on that check — it’s not all we can do.